Lisa Hogan allowed me to retrain not only my voice but my thoughts on what my voice can accomplish. Lisa's design on how you too can improve your technique is invaluable. Lisa helps you realize the singer within begging to be heard. And her expertise in bringing that voice out is nothing less than extraordinary. Kelly King

Lisa is an incredible voice teacher. For anyone who wants clear, concise vocal instruction that is healthy and balanced, Lisa Hogan is the teacher you are looking for. All of the exercises work, and some make an immediate improvement! She is passionate about her job and really professional; not only she is an amazing singer, but she is a composer and a songwriter with a deep knowledge of harmony in classical, jazz and contemporary music. I strongly recommend her! Silvia Minguzzi,

I have studied with Lisa Hogan for many years. Not only has she taught me a lot about vocal technique and my own voice, but she also taught me how to believe in myself. That is a lesson I use everyday. Randa Karambalas

Lisa, you are one of the best vocal coaches....people reading this, this lady will help you...i want to hear the rest of that song "I Don't Think" live. Jay Summerz

I am so lucky and grateful to have found Lisa Hogan. She built my voice tremendously and is a wonderful songwriter and producer/writing partner! I have had many teachers in the past but none so multi-talented, encouraging, and energetic!! Lisa is an inspiration to me and I'm proud to call her 'my mentor.' Charlie Demos

Hey Prof., You probably do not remember me but I was in your class fall semester at Montclair State in 2009. I remembered you spoke about being in the "Celebrity Apprentice." Just dropping in to wish you the very best of the best. I loved going to your vocal class. Jeffrey

Lisa, It was so wonderful to meet you. I was so honored that you sang for us. What a beautiful voice, which matches the lady. I just checked out "The Other Way" on itunes. I love it! I'm buying it now. May peace and happiness continue to come your way. Jay

Lisa has been so inspiring to push me beyond where I could go. Extremely knowledgeable and talented, I understand more than ever the mechanics and applying them to the voice - for the fullest expression- I am still a work in progress but making progress again finally! Thank you - so glad I found you! Suzanne Eberhardt


Professor Hogan was my voice class teacher. Her vocal techniques have given me the ability to sing with greater power and confidence than ever before. It is because of Professor Hogan that I am able to connect more with my rock band as a vocalist.
Thank You Again, Fidel Angel

I had Lisa has my Voice teacher and she was amazing! In the first class she gave us a quick run down of what takes place in the body when we sing. And we sang "the autumn leaves" while she played the piano. She was really great and split the class into groups and gave each group a different melody to sing. We we started learning about harmonies. We also learned music theory with Lisa and she taught us to sing sing. Lisa also was able to really make singing fun.. I remember one class she made us lie down on the floor and sing to shows us how diaphragmatic breathing worked. I had a really great time learning to sing with Lisa and if you are on the fence about whether about taking voice classes with Lisa I say go for it!! Paulo